Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cryolophosaurus or Elvisaurus

This morning as we watched the Dinosaur Train (a cartoon whose characters are based on dinosaurs), we learned about the Elvis Dinosaur.  The cartoon was cute and I recognized the "tone" of voice and words spoken by the Elvis Dinosaur before it was stated that it was called the Elvis Dinosaur.  I kept telling my son that this dinosaur sounded like Elvis Presley.  In my mind, I found it funny that they would use the Elvis figure for a children's story.  Children don't know who Elvis is/was, so why would they use him as a figure in a cartoon?  Well, I learned about it after the cartoon story was over.  A paleontologist appears to talk about the Elvisaurus.  I then realized the value of the cartoon and look forward to other stories in it.

I look forward to other episodes of the Dinosaur Train.  I never expected to learn from a cartoon.  Another lesson learned....

Note:  For more about the Dinosaur Train, please visit or check it out at

Until next time, keep reading and learning....


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